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Marketing & Promotional Services for New Releases

Every new release book/e-book needs a lot of marketing & promotional activities over different mediums (online and offline) to generate interests among readers, and therefore increase sales. With the team of experts and experience we have, we will be your best partner to execute and manage all online marketing and promotional activities, including managing social media accounts and newsletters (eDMs).

Key Problems Solved

  • Get a bigger presence in the online world (Facebook, Google search, YouTube, Twitter, etc).
  • Authorzilla handles the online marketing setup, execution and management, end to end.
  • No need to invest in a separate professional team to do this work.

Publisher Benefits

  • Provides new revenue generation sources for publishers.
  • Significant cost saving by outsourcing online marketing activities.
  • Marketing activities are measurable and create impact resulting in increase in sales.
  • Publishers get bandwidth to focus on their core business activities. 

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