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Publisher Services

Strategic Solutions for Publishers

Authorzilla is a one stop shop when it comes to outsourcing digital publishing activities. Our services allow you, the publisher, to focus on nurturing your authors and creating great content, while we take care of the technology side of marketing and distribution.


Marketing & Promotional Services for New Releases

Every new release book/e-book needs a lot of marketing & promotional activities over different mediums (online and offline) to generate interests among readers, and therefore increase sales.With the team of experts and experience we have, we will be your best partner to execute and manage all online marketing and promotional activities.

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App Publishing, Audio Books & Enhanced e-books

Audio books/enhanced e-books create an amazing experience for readers where readers can listen and interact with books. e-books apps allow e-books to be sold on the Google Play Store (Android) and Apple Store, thus adding new source of revenue for publishers.

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Converting Existing Books to e-books

With the advent of tablets and smart phones, e-books are must for every publisher. Every new release of book is also released in e-book. Readers are also looking for old books in e-books format, to read them on their electronic reading devices. Authorzilla's experienced team will facilitate the conversion of your existing books to e-books.

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Distributing e-books

Distributing e-books to various retailers is a whole new exercise, very different from the distribution of printed books. Authorzilla knows every minute detail of the processes and will handle this complicated task for you.

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Editorial & Quality Review Services

Authorzilla's Editorial & Quality Review Services can save publishers from costly errors when publishing an e-book. Through this service we make sure that e-book is 100% error free. Services like line editing, paragraph editing, copy editing and spell checking are very important for any new book release, as the whole reputation of the publisher is at stake with the newly released book.

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Non-Digital Services

Authorzilla also offers book production services for the production of traditional, hard copy books. These services include: page layout, interior book design, text formatting, cover design, interior illustrations (including children's books)

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Additional Services

Authorzilla provides a range of additional services including Book Cover Design, Book Design, Illustrations, Editing, Ghostwriting, Subject Research and Translation (English (US), English (UK), French, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch).


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