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Authorzilla Provides Digital Publishing Solutions

Authorzilla enables authors and publishers to quickly and easily create, distribute and market e-books.


Get Published Fast

Create your e-book with ease. Authorzilla's experienced, professional publishing team will handle the task for you.

Production services

e-book Distribution

We distribute to over 1,000 e-book stores and 25,000 libraries. Your books can be available worldwide within days!

Distribution services

Marketing Your Book

Our dedicated marketing team provide a range of services to ensure the success of your work.

Marketing services

Sales Generation

Our sales team engage with readers across multiple online platforms to increase visibility and sales.

Sales Generation services

Additional Services

Authorzilla also provides additional services including ghostwriting and audiobook conversion.

Additional services


Author Solutions

Are you an aspiring author? Do you have a body of work ready to be converted and sold to the digital world? Authorzilla provides a wide range of services for authors to assist them in reaching their goals. Whether you're writing the next blockbuster novel or a niche publication, the dedicated team at Authorzilla are here to help.

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Publisher Solutions

Are you a publisher of books? Do you need the specialist skill-set required to convert books to digital? Do you have books that don't have the level of demand required to warrant a reprint but still have an audience? Is marketing and sales generation an area where you don't have the requisite resources available? Let Authorzilla help.

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